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Welcome to Nara Lounge!

Nara Lounge offers a wide range of flavors for our hookahs using only premium tobacco brands! At Nara Lounge, we use Al-Fahker and Starbuzz shisha and our hookahs are top of the line in the hookah market. We also serve a variety of alcoholic drinks, Tea, and Coffee!

Bring your friends and enjoy a relaxing afternoon and evening at Nara Lounge!

Enjoy a refreshing beverage!

Not only do we have the smoothest and cleanest hookahs, we offer an amazing selection of drinks for our customers! From Water to Beer we have almost everything you could possibly want!

What our customers are saying

It's the first hookah lounge that serves alcohol. Hands down the best hookah bar I've ever been to. Great tea, great customer service, and a great atmosphere too.

Ahmad A. - Yelp Review

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